Make The Time

Henry Drummond said ” Wherever we are, it is our friends that make our world.” A few posts ago I shared the importance of saying yes. A component of that is saying yes to making time for your friends. As we get older responsibilities increase while extra time decreases. We find ourselves yearning for a girls night out, but deciding against it because a Friday night could be used to catch up on laundry. Today I am challenging you to forget about the laundry, dishes, and yard work. You will always have those responsibilities, but can you say with 100% certainty that you will always have the opportunity to see a friend? People move, grow apart, get ill, pass away and those opportunities become fewer and fewer.  This week I have taken every opportunity I can to find time for my friends, and to be honest it was as much for me as it was for us. I have been having a hard time coping with the grieving from dropping out of school and laughing with my girlies was just what I needed. So go make the time! You deserve it and you NEED it!


We Can All Be “Artists”

Ok ok I know not everyone likes art or can draw, but figuratively we can all be artists. What I want you to do as you read this quote is reflect on how these concepts can apply to you because they are meant for everyone! Not just those who are artistic.

“The young artist of today need no longer say “I am a painter” or “a poet” or “a dancer”. He is simply an “artist”. All of life will be open to him. He will discover out of ordinary things the meaning of ordinariness. He will not try to make them extraordinary. Only their real meaning will be stated. But out of nothing he will devise the extraordinary then maybe nothingness as well. People will be delighted or horrified, critics will be confused or amused”

-“The Legacy of Jackson Pollock” by Allan Kaprow

I’m curious how my readers interpret and apply this to themselves. Share your thoughts in the comments!

Change Your Mind and You’ll Change Your Heart

Have you ever beaten yourself up? Of course you have! We have an uncanny ability to ruthlessly ruminate on our shortcomings. Have you ever tried to denounce those thoughts? Challenging your inner voice is no easy task, however, recovering from my mental illness has given me the tools I need to “flip my mind”. Such skill has allowed me to value and advocate for myself.

So today I have a challenge for you! I want you to make a list of negative adjectives. For this exercise they need to be key negative descriptors that you use to describe yourself.  Then I want you to go to and type in those words one at a time. With each word synonyms (same) and antonyms (opposites) of those words will be returned. I then want you to write down on your list next to the negative word your favorite antonym.

*Note: Sometimes our descriptors do describe characteristics about ourselves but the words we choose to use have a negative association. In a case where the antonym doesn’t apply check out the synonym list for a more positive descriptor. For example, one of my negative words is impulsive. An antonym is planned, but even though I can be careful at times I usually make decisions upon instinct so antonyms don’t apply. My favorite synonym would be passionate or intuitive.

Keep this list handy so the next time your inner voice puts you down you can build yourself up by using the antonym list. Here is an example of mine!

Did you have a hard time flipping your mind? Feel free to comment for help!

I am:

Lazy/// Caring

Impulsive// Passionate or intuitive (synonym)

Weak// Unbreakable

Flaky// Unconventional (synonym)