I stumbled across this great little post that I thought was so relevant to me right now and I wanted to share! Lately, I have been depressed questioning if dropping out of school was the right decision. Kicking myself from turning down days to work at my job, removing myself from opportunities to work on my art, and I have spent the past two weeks binge watching America’s Next Top Model and making excuses as to why it was ok for me to just sulk. Today I woke up the same way but by noon I decided that this was not how I was going to carry on. I decided to own my decision and turn my day around. I put on make up, some beautiful lipstick, and got my smile ready to flash today. I worked on my art, read, sat outside, and added some new pieces to my Fine Art America website.  Life is not lying to me and I do need to listen.

Check out the article “Your Life isn’t Lying to You” by clicking the blue link below!


How often do we ask ourselves the question, “why did that have to happen to me?” It would seem we’ve become accustomed to believing that what happens to us is never our fault. In …



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