We Can All Be “Artists”

Ok ok I know not everyone likes art or can draw, but figuratively we can all be artists. What I want you to do as you read this quote is reflect on how these concepts can apply to you because they are meant for everyone! Not just those who are artistic.

“The young artist of today need no longer say “I am a painter” or “a poet” or “a dancer”. He is simply an “artist”. All of life will be open to him. He will discover out of ordinary things the meaning of ordinariness. He will not try to make them extraordinary. Only their real meaning will be stated. But out of nothing he will devise the extraordinary then maybe nothingness as well. People will be delighted or horrified, critics will be confused or amused”

-“The Legacy of Jackson Pollock” by Allan Kaprow

I’m curious how my readers interpret and apply this to themselves. Share your thoughts in the comments!


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