Giving Myself the Go-ahead

This past summer I met the most amazing woman who I am happy to now call my friend. She has been such an inspiration for me on my journey as a survivor, woman, and artist! In part this blog is all because of her and her beautiful soul! Every year she chooses a word of intention instead of creating a stressful list of New Year resolutions that always seem to start strong then leave us feeling shamed and unsuccessful. This year I chose the word brave and gave myself permission to say yes, without fear, to the things that set my soul on fire!

What set my soul on fire in January left me drained and cold in February. I went through a period of feeling like a failure, much like the feeling of dropping a New Year resolution. I felt lost, betrayed by my own heart, and confused as to why my path seemed to be changing.  I had started my second semester back in college after battling a severe mental break, and I felt charged; ready to smash my goals! Then I started getting migraines- severe stress induced migraines. My brain was having a hard time keeping up with the pace of art school and my mental health began suffering. I knew I had to make a change, but what about what I set out to do this year? I can’t just give up on my intention!

Then it hit me. Brave. I needed to be brave enough to trust God, trust myself, trust that it would be alright to take a different path. I needed to be brave and take care of myself. I chose to see dropping out of school this semester as an act of self-love instead of failing.

I came across this quote on Facebook the other day that has helped encourage me to be kind to myself:

“Take a deep breath. Get present in the moment and ask yourself, what is most important this very second.”

-Greg Mckewown

Be kind to yourselves, be present, and be brave! Today I challenge you to reflect on what is weighing heavy on your heart. Ask yourself what is most important right now, and be confident knowing you have the power to make a change.Not because you failed but because you chose compassion!


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